Traffic Management Program (TMP)

The construction of pipeline, Ground Station Facilities (GSF) and the relevant infrastructure may cause impacts on the persons using the available ways and the sensitive receiving environments. This Traffic Management Plan (TMP) determines the possible impacts and defines the appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is the plans defining the appropriate measures to determine and reduce the possible impacts. TMP is prepared as to include the detailed procedures indicating how the impacts of traffic on society will be taken into consideration. TMP is updated regularly as the construction method is developed and the needs related to vehicle activities are defined in detail. 

Relevant public enterprises are consulted about how the project plans will comply with available road construction plans in city and district level. Furthermore, a mutual agreement is provided about determining alternative routes or taking impact reducing measures with chiefs of all the residential areas where can be negatively impacted by significant increase in traffic.

In addition to these mentioned above, a Travel Management Plan (TMP) is developed and applied for all the travels. All the movements of the vehicles and limitation procedures related to use of vehicles at night, if available, are included in “Travel Management Plan”. Prepared Travel Management Plans and TMPs are submitted for the approval.


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