Erosion and Restoring Program (ERP)

The programs in which the activities of restituting the areas that are not to be included in use due to the damage during construction works are described in Erosion, Restitution and Landscape Planning (ERLP) Plans. ERLPs defines the methods to be used for the use of stocking and reuse of vegetal surface soil generated during excavation works, the subsoil and rocks constituting the excavation and eliminating the unused parts of these materials. 

ERLP determines the minimum technical conditions for topographic change due to project activities, stabilization of the land, erosion control and plantation the damaged surfaces (bio-restoration). Moreover, all the provisions in this plan can also be applied on transportation roads/paths, ground plants (GP), stocking areas, permanent and temporary plants such as other additional areas used during construction of the project.

By benefitting from the impact reducing measures in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), detailed procedures related to restitution are developed. The restituted constitution of “Route of Right of Way” (RRW) is retained. Besides the restituted RRW, all the temporary and permanent erosion measures are executed.

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