Enviroment Management System

Environmental Management System (EMS) is the programs prepared to perform planned activities and duties using human and physical resources within a determined time and budget in order to reach a fixed goal.

EMSs must be prepared by considering noise, discharge, and waste water discharge and emission regulations. 

The project which is anticipated to proceed to implementation phase after receiving “Environmental Impact Assessment Positive” decision as a result of Environmental Impact Assessment work will be followed both in construction period and the operation period so as to perform the work in accordance with the fundamental principles of this decision (commitments made) and in a way not to negatively affect the environment values. Within this process, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will be informed on a continuous basis.

Within the scope of the project, an effective Environment Management System (EMS) has been established with ITE Project team through independent environment and social consultants. Main plan titles prepared under Environment Management System are given below.






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