Enviroment Management and Monitoring Program

Environment Management and Surveillance Plans (EMP) are the plans prepared to realize the planned activities and duties using human and physical resources within a determined period and budget in order to achieve a certain goal.

Within the framework of the project, Environment Management Plans (EMP) have been prepared using current primary and secondary regulations issued for environmental impacts such as noise, waste, discharges, emissions etc.


In addition to EMP, Surveillance Plans are made to minimize the possible changes in the ecosystem during construction and operation period and to prevent the negative effects. Data obtained is compared to the standards and evaluated and improvement work is realized, if necessary.

Environmental Management Programs should contain;

  1. The location of the place where the activity is taking place, generated wastes, harms due to these wastes, direct and indirect impacts of generated wastes are determined,
  2. The methods of how these impacts will be eliminated and how the damages will be reduced are determined,
  3. These determined and applied methods are monitored and it is controlled whether the damaged have reached to acceptable limits.
  4. In addition to EMP, Monitoring Plans are created. It summarizes the solid waste water quality and air emission and noise monitoring plan to be applied during construction.  A separate management plan is created in accordance with environmental and social management plans for the management stage of the project. In order to ensure whether the requirements are performed, some meetings are held with The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and other related corporations. 
  5. Solid and liquid wastes, air emissions and noise issues are included in the construction stage monitoring plan. Monitoring plan is designed to detect long term changes generated in eco-system  as well as it is an early warning system to be able to change the construction activities in accordance with the environmental standards of project. Monitoring data can be used during project quality assurance process and can be compared with environmental standards of project. 
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