Emergency Response Program

Occupational accidents, natural disasters or gas leakage due to sabotage and fire hazard etc. are defined as “state of emergency”, and this Emergency Response Plan (ERP) has been prepared to prevent or minimize the loss resulting from the states of emergency which may occur during the activities carried out within the scope of ITE DGBH Project.

The main function of ERP is to define the alarm, hazard limits, rescue, evacuation and the work which should be performed for normalization in dangerous situations and accidents.

Requirements of EMS and the supportive plans will be communicated to all personnel, and the personnel will not be allowed to proceed to the field without receiving the necessary training. According to the qualification of the work performed, personnel will be given special training and all training will be renewed at the required frequencies.

All contractors will adopt the requirements summarized in this plan to their special activities and implement them. Each contractor is obliged to prepare their own plans and procedures for the project in which it is explained how the requirements of this plan will be implemented after the construction stage begins. These plans and procedures will be submitted to the approval of ITE Natural Gas Pipeline International Company TURANG TRANSİT TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. TURANG will also ensure the implementation of and compliance to the commitments and procedures set out in the contractor's plans and procedures during the construction activities.



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