Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the work carried out in order to determine the positive and negative impacts of the planned projects on the environment, to determine and evaluate the measures taken for the purpose of preventing the negative impacts or minimizing them so as not to harm the environment, and the location selected and the technology alternatives and to monitor and control the implementation of the projects.

Before starting construction activities in ITE Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was performed with the aim of searching, reporting all possible impacts on physical and biological environment and human life in detail within the scope of the project, mitigating and managing the negative impacts as much as possible. In this process, “EIA Positive Certificate” was obtained from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations under FEED work.

Besides, considering the international aspect of the project, “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report” (ESIA) work was completed. 

Work realized within the scope of ITE Natural Gas Project EIA Report

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) work of the Project started on 25.08.2011.

Following the technical work carried out on land and in office within the scope of the project, EIA Application File was submitted to Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on 29.12.2011.

Between 27 February 2012- 09 March 2014, “Public Participation Meetings” were held in 17 provinces / districts under the supervision of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

“EIA Scope and Format Determination Meeting” was held in Ankara on 13.03.2012 under the chairmanship of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

EIA work began on land in office within the framework of Special Format prepared in accordance with the requests of commission members assigned from 95 different institutions and organization.

Within the scope of land works;

  •            Ecological,
  •            Archeological,
  •           Sociological,
  •           Current Situation Determination,
  •           Ecological and current situation determination in sea environment in the Dardanelles sea passage,

etc. were realized by the experts.

Following the completion of EIA Report works, the report was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. 

First Examination Evaluation Commission Meeting (1st İDK) was held on 08.10.2012 with the participation of the representatives of 95 institutions and organization under the chairmanship of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

As a result of the evaluation of the opinions of the institutions attending the meeting and expressing their opinions in writing or verbally, the resolution that “there is not any drawback for the Project to be final provided that missing institution opinions are completed” was adopted.


Following the completion of the missing institution opinions, Final EIA Report was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on 04.01.2013.

On 09.01.2013, regarding the local EIA work carried out within the project of transportation of Iranian natural gas to Europe via Turkey by pipeline, within the scope of EIA Regulation published on the Official Gazette dated 17.07.2008 and numbered 26939, the Ministry wrote an Announcement Letter to publicize the Final EIA Report in Governorates and Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urban Planning in 17 provinces.

On 13.02.2013, Publicity Announcement in Governorates and Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urban Planning in 17 provinces was completed.

Final EIA Report was reproduced in the number of Commission Members of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (95 copies) and delivered to Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on 14.02.2013.

Ministry adopted an “Environmental Impact Assessment Positive” resolution for ITA DGBH Project on 26.02.2013 considering the work of the Commission on the report and notified the resolution to the Project owner and the relevant institutions and organizations in writing.

Besides, “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report” (ESIA) work was completed on 25.02.2013 in order to submit to International credit facility institutions. 

Within the scope of Social Impact Assessment studies, questionnaire surveys and public briefing meetings were held in 117 villages with 1051 owners throughout 500 meter route corridor. In the light of the data obtained from these studies, social impact analyses were realized and the matters which were specified as village deficiencies/problems and which may be taken into consideration in social investment work were recorded.

As a result of Environmental Impact Assessment works;

The project which is anticipated to proceed to implementation phase after receiving “Environmental Impact Assessment Positive” decision will be followed both in construction period and the operation period so as to perform the work in accordance with the fundamental principles of this decision (commitments made) and in a way not to negatively affect the environment values; and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning will be informed on a continuous basis.

An Environment Managements System (EMS) will be established within the scope of the project. Requirements of EMS and the supportive plans will be communicated to all personnel, and the personnel will not be allowed to proceed to the field without receiving the necessary training. According to the qualification of the work performed, personnel will be given special training and all training will be renewed at the required frequencies.








Submission of EIA Application File to Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

Public Participation Meeting (PPM)

Preparation of EIA Report according to Special Format and Submission to Ministry

(File prepared should be delivered within 1 year)

Examination and Evaluation Meeting by Examination Evaluation Commission (İDK) Members

↓                                                                                                                           ↓

EIA Report Sufficient                                                                                      EIA Report Insufficient





Submission of Final EIA Report to Ministry                                                             Elimination of Deficiencies

(Report should be submitted to Ministry within 5 days)                           in the Report





↓                                                                                                                           If not

Opening EIA Report to the Opinion of public                                                               ↓

Reproduction of EIA Report and Submission to Ministry                                     - Ministry may stop the


- Ministry may request 2nd Examination Evaluation Commission (İDK) meeting.

- Company may request time extension.

↓                                                            ↓

EIA Positive Decision        EIA Negative Decision





Preparation of EIA Application File based on the General Format included in Annex-III of EIA Regulation and its submission to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, which is the first step of EIA process, was realized on 29.12.2011. After the submission of EIA Application File which described the project in general terms, announcements were published on the local and national newspapers and the letters were sent to village headmen, municipalities, district governorates to give information about the meeting. Information on place and time of Public Participation Meetings is given in the table below.

With Public Participation Meetings (PPM) held, the participation of people in EIA process was provided, and their opinions and expectations on the Project were received, and the minutes were taken by Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urban Planning. One copy of PPM minutes was kept in the Governorates, and it was sent to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in order to evaluate by the commission members whether the Project would be realized or not, and if it is realized, to determine EIA format special for the Project in accordance with the subjects considered important in PPMs.

Final EIA Report will be prepared upon the evaluation of EIA Report prepared following the receipt of EIA format special for the project in Examination and Evaluation Meeting. In the process of opening final EIA Report to public, second tour PPMs will be held and the opinions on EIA Report will be received.











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