7. Section (1680-1769 km)

ITE pipeline continues in parallel with BOTAŞ (Greece line) and Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline up to 1694+000 km in the Dardanelles. Pipeline diverges from Nabucco Line from 1,5 km east of Çanakkale city Kavakköy village at 1702+000 km at 6 m altitude and continues in parallel with BOTAŞ (Greece line).

Pipeline is divided into two alternative routes in 780 m south of Çanakkale city Kalealtı village at 1714+000 km. Alternatif-2 line diverges from Greece line and continues from 1,5 km north of Kalealtı village, from 5 km southeast of Edirne city Mahmutköy village; Alternative-1 line continues in parallel with Çanakkale city Botaş line from 3 km east of Çanakkale city Adilhan village, from 2,5 km east of Edirne city Yerlisu village and become one single line again at 1722+000 km. Pipeline enters from Çanakkale provincial border to Edirne provincial border at 1719+000 km. It continues from Edirne city Mahmut village at 1726+000 km at 63 m altitude, from 2 km west of Şükrüköy at 1730+000 km at 88 m altitude, from 1,5 km north of Siğilli village at 1740+000 km at 69 m altitude, from 1 km west of Edirne city Turpcular district at 1760+000 km at 10 m altitude.

ITE Natural Gas Pipeline passes to Greece through Turkey-Greece border at 1769+505 km from 4 km west of Sarıcaali village at 10 m altitude.

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