6. Section (1516-1680 km)

ITE pipeline continues from 690 m south of Bursa city Yenibalcık village at 71 m altitude, from 1,5 km south of Bursa city Melik village at 1525+000 km at 68 m altitude, from 8 km south of Mustafa Kemal Paşa district at 1535+000 km at 242 m altitude, from 780 m north of Taşköprü village at 1552+000 km at 27 m altitude. Pipeline enters from Bursa provincial border to Balıkesir provincial border at 1555+000 km. It continues from 3,3 km north of Balıkesir city Söve pond at 1564+000 km at 42 m altitude, from 2,2 km north of Manyas district at 1576+000 km at 37 m altitude, from 2,7 km west of Kocagöl village at 1596+000 km at 116 m altitude, from 580 m south of Ulukır village at 1618+000 km at 175 m altitude. Pipeline intersects BOTAŞ Natural Gas Pipeline (Greece line) at 1624+000 km. Pipeline enters from Balıkesir provincial border to Çanakkale provincial border at 1629+000 km. Line continues from 1,9 km north of Çanakkale city Sinekçi village at 1639+000 km at 67 m altitude. It passes from 1 km north of Çınarköprü village and becomes parallel with BOTAŞ (Greece line) at 1644+000 km at 14,5 m altitude and with Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline which is in project stage at 1650+000 km. Line diverges from its parallel position to Botaş and Nabucco lines from 880 m north of Çanakkale Kocagür village at 1662+000 km at 100 m altitude. Pipeline continues from 1 km south of Çanakkale city Çakırlı district at 1664+000 km at 62 m altitude.

Pipeline is divided into three alternative routes from 3 km south west of Değirmencik village at 1674+000 km. Alternative-1 continues from 1 km west of Değirmencik village; Alternative-2continues from 2,5 m east of Çanakkale Kemer village; Alternative-3 line continues from 1 km east of Çanakkale city Kemer village; and they unite and become parallel with Nabucco and Greece lines at 1677+000 km and become one single line.

ITE pipeline enters the Dardanelles at 1677+000 km. Line passes through the Dardanelles at approximately 17 km and goes to land of Thrace at 1694+000 km.

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