4. Section (843-1330 km)

ITE pipeline continues westwards at 1297 m altitude in 1,5 km north of Yozgat city Kemalli village, at 1187 m altitude at 860+000 km in 1 km north of Küçükcalağıl village, 1027 m altitude at 880+000 km in 600 m north of Kepirce village, at 1351 m altitude at 917 km in 17 km south of Yozgat center, at 1105 m altitude at 931+000 km in 2.5 km south of Saray village. Pipeline enters from Yozgat provincial border to Kırşehir provincial border at 951+000 km. It continues at 789 m altitude in 700 m south of Kırşehir city Acıköy village at 976+000 km, in 860 m north of Ödemişli village at 992+000 km. Pipe line enters from Kırşehir provincial border to Kırıkkale provincial border at 998+000 km. It continues in parallel with Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline which is in project stage in 2.8 km south of Kırıkkale city Büyükceceli village at 961 m altitude at 1004+000 km, in 790 m north of Polatyurdu village. ITE pipeline diverges from Nabucco at 1019+000 km in Kırıkkale city Polatyurdu village and becomes parallel with Nabucco again at 1113 m altitude in 2,2 km north of Konur village 1039+000 km. ITE pipeline enters from Kırıkkale provincial border to Ankara provincial border at 1060+000 km. ITE pipeline diverges from Nabucco Line in 2 km north of Kırıkkale city Köprüköy village, 3,5 km south of Ankara city Büyükboyalık village at 1066+000 km, and continues westwards at 1201 m altitude in 5,4 km north of Bala district intersecting Eastern Anatolia Line at 1068+000 km. Pipeline continues at 1112 m altitude in 6.7 km south of Ahiboz village, at 804 m altitude at 1164+000 km in 11 km south of Polatlı district in 12 km north of Haymana district. ITE pipeline enters from Ankara provincial border to Eskişehir provincial border at 1180+000 km. It continues westwards at 989 m altitude in 3,7 km south of Eskişehir city Sivrihisar district, at 871 m altitude at 1330+000 km in 3.5 km north of Uluçayır district.

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