3. Section (587-843 km)

Line continues in parallel with BTC,  Eastern Anatolia and Nabucco lines in 786 m south of Sivas city Topçuyeniköy village, at 1530 m altitude, and the route diverges from BTC,  Eastern Anatolia and Nabucco lines after 3 km at 654+000 km and continues at average 1550 m altitude until 2 km north of Sivas city Kurugöl village. It again becomes parallel with BTC Eastern Anatolia and Nabucco lines from 680+000 km at 1429 m altitude in 1,3 km north of Sivas city Karayün village. The line diverges from BTC at 687+000 km and 1462 m altitude in 2,7 km north east of Sivas city Sivritepe village, and continues in parallel with Nabucco and Eastern Anatolia. Pipeline continues at 1343 m altitude in 20 km south of Sivas center. ITE pipeline diverges from Nabucco Line in 13 km north of Sivas city Ulaş district, in 1 km north of Koyuncu village at 718+000 km and 1394 m altitude. It passes through the north of Sivas city Keçili and Sorkuncuk villages and diverges from Eastern Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline in 2,2 km south of Sarıdemir village at 727+000 km and 1344 m altitude. ITE pipeline continues westwards in 2,2 km north of Sivas city Kayadibi village at 1313 m altitude, 7,4 m north of Büyüktopaç village, 1 km south of Alacakışla village, 250 m south of Örtülü village. ITE pipeline enters from Sivas provincial border to Yozgat provincial border at 793+000 km. It continues at 1760 m altitude in 750 m south of Yozgat cityi Bozhüyük village, 650 m north of Davulbaz village. ITE continues westwards at 1230 m altitude in 6 km south of Akdağmadeni district and 1,7 km north of Dayılı village.

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