2. Section (336-587 km)

It continues in parallel with BTC Line, BOTAŞ Line and Nabucco Natural Gas Pipeline at 336+000 km, 1700-1750 m altitude, 350 m in the north of Erzurum city Abdalcık village, 1000m of Güllüdere village, 900m of Yeniköy village. Pipeline diverges at 350+000 km, 1925 altitude in parallel with the pipelines available and at project phase in Erzurum city Yeniköy and continues at 1815 m altitude in 2 km north of Erzurum Çiftlik village, and at 1584 m altitude in 1,5 km south of Erzincan city Yaylacık village. Pipeline passes at 2298 m altitude in 1,2 km north of Erzincan city Turnaçayırı village, and becomes parallel with Eastern Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline in 15 km north of Erzincan city at 448+000 km. Pipeline continues through 3,5 km south of Gümüşhane city Akdağ village at 473+000. At 483+000 km, it becomes parallel again with BTC and Nabucco Line at 2,5 km of Erzincan city Ahmetli village.

Pipeline becomes parallel with Eastern Anatolia Pipeline in 1.5 km north of Aydın village at 573+000 km. ITE pipeline enters from Erzincan provincial border to Sivas provincial border at 570+000 km.

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