1. Section (0-336 km)

Permanent and temporary easement corridor is determined along the pipeline route. Construction corridor is set as 12+24=36 m according to the pipe axis.

Route is selected by evaluating the scientific, technical, social and economic data in survey on bureau and land. Environmental, social, ecological and archeological constraints are examined and considered within the scope of the surveys realized.

Excavation materials obtained at the construction stage will be used for covering the line, environmental planning and access ways. Vegetable soil taken out during excavation work will be separately accumulated on the route and will be used in landscaping after the construction. Humic soil in construction corridor on agricultural land is removed so as to lay again afterwards (approximately at the depth of 30-40 cm) and carefully piled and stored.

Close attention is given not to mix the excavation soil and the upper soil on agricultural lands. Channel excavation is made according to the pipe sections, and the pipe is banded together with necessary bending and welding. Pipes are precoated with protective insulator against corrosion. After welding, pipe joints are coated with polyethylene etc. insulators. Place of coating is sensitively controlled by detector before and after lowering the pipe into the trench. Location is determined after the necessary measurements made using the latest technology for pipe welding and bending records as built work. Pipeline is filled with materials conforming to the technical standards. In the meantime, fiberoptic cables are installed in the canal. Upper part of the pipe is covered with top soil carefully kept before.

After covering the pipe, hydrostatic test is carried out on the line and pipe welding areas in parts. High pressure is applied for this test. Work performed on the areas passed during the construction stage of the pipeline is properly completed in conformity with the occupational health and safety, quality management, environmental, social and ecological regulations.

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